Pumpkin Baby

Pumpkin baby titleI got no time, people. None! But I just can’t let a Tuesday go by without a post. So how about a picture dump? We’ve gotten some ADORABLE pics of the babe recently. Not that I’m biased or anything.

Pumpkin baby

Harvest boy?

Pumpkin baby 3

I make gourds look good!

pumpkin baby 4

I fill cornucopias with love!

Pumpkin baby2

Starting to tire out a bit. Posing with pumpkins is hard!

pumpkin baby 5

Mom, you’ve cut open the pumpkin. Why did you cut open the pumpkin?

Pumpkin baby 6

These little Mr. Potato Head-esque pieces were PERFECT for adding some personality to Gibs gourds.

pumpkin baby 8

OMG, Mom! Did you know there’s stuff inside a pumpkin? SEEDS! STRINGS! Why didn’t you tell me?

pumpkin baby 9

The stem of this gourd is pretty delicious.

pumpkin baby 10

Put a pillow behind me, Mom. I’ll be fine. No really. I won’t try to stand up, narrowly avoiding a topple head first down the concrete stairs. I got this. Don’t worry.

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