Letters to Gibson: Six Months

Letters-to-Gibson-Six-MonthDear Gibson,

SIX MONTHS! I can’t believe you’re already six months old. You’re not a newborn at all these days. You’re a little person with preferences and opinions.

You don’t like green beans or sweet potatoes. You LOVE squash and bananas.

At first you were ambivalent about swim class, but now you love it.

You can take or leave a nap depending on what’s been going on during the day.

You’re noncommittal about hanging out at the park, though you don’t mind when I blow bubbles while we’re there to amuse you.

You like Story Time at the library with Ms. Tina. You do not like Ms. Phyllis because she plays the Shakey Egg Song too loud for your liking.

You like to look at women’s faces, you big flirt.

You can say “dada” and “mama” like no-one’s business. I’m not sure that you understand that those sounds refer to us, but you say them all the time. 🙂

You DO NOT LIKE changes in your daily routine. Which is why it’s particularly heartbreaking in the afternoons now. Your father went back to work at the beginning of September teaching night classes to college students. So at about 3 PM, I come home like I always do- but now Dad leaves about thirty minutes later. And he doesn’t come home until after you’re already in bed.

He used to be the one to put you to bed at night. I gave you a bath and then handed you over to your father for a bottle, a book, your medicine and cuddles before bed. Now Mom is doing all of that for you.

Thankfully it’s not like you dislike me putting you to bed. But you keep looking toward the doorway for your Dad to walk through it while I try to follow the established routine. And now we’ve further mucked up the schedule by moving you to your own bedroom. (I’m planning a nursery reveal post soon!)

You’re a creature of habit. Maybe that’s just part of being a baby. You like knowing what to expect. Maybe you’ll be okay with slight changes to the daily agenda as you get older. But I don’t think you’ll ever be a real go-with-the-flow kind of kid. Sorry I gave you that trait. It’s who I am too. At least we’ll understand each other.

We’ve had a couple of first this month. You went to Storyville for the first time with your Auntie Kirsten.


You’ve started using your walker.


You’ve begun working on your music mixing skills.

baby dj

And you, apparently, became a model for GQ magazine while I wasn’t looking.

Gibs laying down

Gibs GQ

Gibs GQ 2


I think the coolest thing that you’ve really learned to do this month is laugh- I mean really laugh. Or maybe I mean giggle. Laughter that continues on for a few moments- not single solitary laughs. You sometimes laugh completely unprompted. But usually you laugh in reaction to your father and I. And it’s the best sound in the whole world. I thought I was knocked out when you learned how to smile. But laughing is even better because I get a smile with it every time.

I’m a fiend for your happiness, Gibs. I can’t get enough of it.

I love you,

2 thoughts on “Letters to Gibson: Six Months

    • Ahhh thanks! I think I’m going to print them all out and add them in a sleeve to his baby book at the end of his first year. But I’ll probably keep writing them periodically after that.

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