Baby Bump- The State of My State


I just want to start by saying that I have one. A small one. Nothing that would make you look twice. If you were to look at me, you’d think I was just a bit pudgy. And I think that’s strange at almost 17 weeks.

I know that I have a really long torso. And that I’m pretty tall. And that I’ve always had a belly, so that when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see the difference, but no one else can. But I guess I thought this close to the halfway mark, I’d have more of a bump. Something large enough that strangers would be able to tell my preggers status.

But no.

I know, I know. Women who are currently pregnant with large bumps are probably cursing me right now. “Shut up about your non-existent bump,” they would say. They know how inconvenient a bump can really be. And for me to bemoan the lack of a sensational bump is probably insulting to them as they waddle and struggle to get out of deep chairs.

Well, I’m sorry in advance. But I really want a bump. I’ve wanted a bump for so long that I’m just antsy for some concrete physical evidence to make itself apparent. I want to drop the mic like Beyoncé and rub my obvious belly with the long, soothing strokes of other pregnant ladies.


On top of that, I had seriously hoped that my bump would be SUPER obvious by Halloween. I have no plans for the holiday, but I am for damn sure going to dress up if I have a bump. My current costume idea is a fortune teller wearing stereotypical gypsy gear (belly dancers always have gypsy looking costuming) with a crystal ball painted on my ginormous baby bump. If there’s a bump by then, that is.

Otherwise I might just stay at home and eat all the candy corn.

I don’t have a good current pic, so this is me at 15 weeks.

15 weeks

I mean, there’s SOME bumpage there. But not enough that a stranger would be able to tell. And I have a bit more bump now that it’s 17 weeks. And I understand the baby is going to start getting larger in these next few weeks, so maybe by Halloween I can be the fortune teller. Maybe.

My husband thinks this pregnancy is going by really quickly. Some days I agree with him. But other days, I just wish I had more of a bump. The bump can’t come fast enough for me.

Anyway, that’s enough belly aching for a belly bump. How long did it take for you to start really showing?

4 thoughts on “Baby Bump- The State of My State

  1. Hmmm. i thought i looked pretty huge by 20 weeks but looking at the pics, it wasn’t that obvious. my maternity clothes helped point it out but in regular baggy stuff i could have hidden it for quite some time. it is fun for it to finally show and for ppl to finally have the guts to ask when ur due.

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