Being Sick…While Pregnant

Being-Sick-While-PregnantWe all know that having a cold is never fun. But I have to say that having a cold while preggers is even less fun. I haven’t spoken to my husband all week because I am literally falling asleep before he gets home. And he doesn’t want to wake me. So, I’m not joking when I say that we have not had a full conversation since Saturday.

Now my understanding is that the cold doesn’t really affect the baby unless I have a high temperature. Thankfully this cold has no fever with it, thank goodness. But any medication I take could affect baby.

After asking online, the mommies I know seemed to settle on either taking no cold medicine at all or only taking Tylenol Cold. No multi-symptom or extended release meds. Which I expected. Also got a lot of advice pointing to chicken soup and hot tea. Then a debate started about whether I should put honey in the tea or not because it’s not pasteurized.

My suggestion that I add a little whiskey to kill off anything in the honey was met with quiet disdain.

I eventually decided to take Tylenol Cold cough syrup, but I’m only taking half doses. I’m not sure that matters really. And I’ve only been taking one dose at night before bed to help me stop coughing long enough to fall asleep. Oh the phlegm.

Anyway, I see my OBGYN this afternoon, and I’m going to ask about the medication. I can’t imagine that anything I’ve taken could have been harmful, but I want to check with the doc. I’ll report back if he says the whiskey was a good idea for sterilizing honey. 🙂

On an unrelated note, I found this video yesterday, and I’m thinking of stealing the idea. Many women chronicle their pregnancy with cute stop motion videos of their bellies growing week by week ending with a baby in their arms. I’ve seen so many adorable ones, but none of them seem to be something I would actually do. I do want to treasure and remember this pregnancy though. I’ve been taking some weekly bump pictures since about week 13, but they are just silly pics on my cell phone. Something like this would be awesome for the belly dancer in me.

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