My Secret Wish…

My-Secret-WishMy Secret Wish

…is that I will become pregnant before Halloween.  And that I’ll be showing around Halloween.  So I can wear a Halloween costume that utilizes my glorious bump. Because this is the type of mature, rational thinking that should guide your choice to become a mother.  LOL!

There’s so many great ones.  Like the pregnant nun. Or the basketball/ beachball/ any type of ball related pun.  And you can do a play on the word bump.  Skidbump.  OK, one play on that word.  There’s being a mummy.  Ooo, what about a disco ball?

I could go all Gaia/ Mother Earth and paint the bump like the world.

Or a food related theme.  Like pumpkins.

My Secret Wish

…is that there will come a day when I can sing an “oldies” song, loudly and off-key, in front of my child. And by doing so I embarrass him or her while we get ice cream at the local treat shop and suddenly spy a group of his or her school mates. Just like my mother did to me and my sister.

She loves to turn Guantanamera into One Ton Tomata. You have to pronounce tomato with a Southern accent to make it fit with the song. And she sings  John Denver songs while accompanying herself on the keyboard. You’ve never experienced true teen angst until your mother entertains your friends with a stirring rendition of Annie’s Song. And I can’t wait to do the same.

My Secret Wish

…is to watch my child work or play unaware of my eyes on him or her. And for that child to realize I’m watching him or her only to question with an exasperated “what?” Just so I can reply, “I gave birth to you, I can look at you when I want to.” And then watch my child purely to see him or her squirm in the knowledge of how much I love them.

Thanks for indulging me in some wishful thinking. Sometimes I think it helps to let yourself dream a little. What do you really have, if you don’t have your dreams?

3 thoughts on “My Secret Wish…

  1. Lily and I sing oldies together since she’s only three, but I know the day that my off key voice will become embarrassing is just around the corner. I hope all of your wishes come true.

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