Another Two Week Wait

TWW-correctI went to the doctor’s office yesterday morning. And was stuck there for about three hours total because the lab is understaffed. Even though it was a hassle and took time out of my day, I’m glad I went. Because with my own eyes I saw the follicle on my left ovary that ovulated. And the little spot of extra fluid, hanging around because of the ovulation. My blood work came back with a progesterone level of 3.4. Depending on who you ask, that could be considered low. But for one day past ovulation, the doctor’s office thinks this is fine. So I start Endometrin tonight. And I wait.

There’s so much chaos in the first two weeks of your cycle. There’s the anger and sorrow of cycle day one. And calling the nurses’ station to request your Clomid or Femara or whatever you take. Then you have to get the prescription filled and take it as prescribed. On cycle day 10 you come in for your first ultrasound.  For me last week, I was in three times for ultrasounds and blood work.  Three times in one week for early morning probings and stickings.

You fret about if you’re going to ovulate on your own or if you’ll need the trigger shot. You try to think positive thoughts about ovulation (I use my guided imagery CD.) And you do your “at home intercourse.” Which I think is hysterical.  Where else am I going to do it?  McDonald’s?

This time around, we know for sure that I ovulated.  And we know for sure we did our “at home intercourse” at the right times.  And I even got a confirmation ultrasound this go round. We’ve done everything right.  And now we wait.

What do you do while you wait? I try to remain positive. Think good thought, but not linger too long on purely wishful thinking.  I try to have a life outside of TTC. And this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. So I’m sure we’ll do some grilling. Take some time to just linger outside in the warm weather. My husband wants us to play Laser Tag tomorrow. It’s a team building sport and I suppose my hubby and I are a team. We’ll probably see a movie this weekend. But I need to keep my mind from lingering.  So I hope to find other puttering around things I can do to keep occupied.  We’ll see.

To anyone else reading this who is settling in for The Two Week Wait, my thoughts are with you. #itwillhappen

6 thoughts on “Another Two Week Wait

    • HA! Well I have no intention of doing some kind of tuck & roll maneuver. But I will crouch behind a barricade and shoot infrared light at a target.
      Also, no wrestling matches or even marginally aggressive shopping cart races. Scouts Honor!

  1. I feel you. i am waiting it will be a day or two before the egg drops. I have to go pee on an ovu stick here in a little bit. because of my partners ex I can’t really reach out to the world for support or advice. keep me posted, I am on the next stop on the crazy train.

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